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Zhejiang Longyou Gongren Electronics Co.,Ltd. is a factory in producing and exporting trading business. Our factory locates in Longyou City Zhejiang Province, which enjoys very convenient transportation to Yiwu and Ningbo Port.

As a professional China TV Antennas Suppliers and OEM TV Accessories Factory, we have professional sales and service teams while our factory is engaged in the research, design, development, production of TV antennas, coaxial cable, amplifier, booster, set top box and other tv accessories for 22 years. Research of wireless devices, development, and production by the factory has gained more than 100 patents and promotion Industry rapid development.

We would like to help you design and develop your models with your own brands together. At present, we have more than 1000 sets of molds for more than 300 models. And we accept small orders even 1pcs or 100pcs with very quick delivery time. For such small quantity, we are able to deliver in 3 days. For regular orders, we will deliver in 25 days.

We warmly welcome customers from at home and abroad to establish cooperation and create a bright future with us together.
The important thing is that we could provide free samples for you to test. Please contact us without any hesitate if you have any interested in our products or questions. We are ready to work together with you.

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TV Antenna Manufacturer and TV accessories supplier, factory in China

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Which accessories do I need for my TV?

The accessories you might need for your TV can vary depending on your specific requirements and the features of your TV. However, here are some commonly used accessories for TVs:

Remote Control: Most TVs come with a remote control, but if you need a replacement or an additional one, you can purchase a universal remote or a specific remote for your TV model.

HDMI Cables: HDMI cables are used to connect devices like cable/satellite boxes, gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, and streaming devices to your TV. Ensure you have enough HDMI cables of appropriate lengths for your devices.

TV Stand or Mount: If your TV doesn't come with a stand or you prefer wall-mounting, you may need to purchase a TV stand or a wall mount bracket.

TV Antenna: If you want to access over-the-air broadcast channels, you might consider getting an indoor or outdoor TV antenna.

Soundbar or Home Theater System: If you want enhanced audio quality, you can consider purchasing a soundbar or a home theater system to connect to your TV.

Streaming Devices: If your TV doesn't have built-in smart functionality or you want to access additional streaming services, you can purchase streaming devices like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, or Chromecast.

Gaming Accessories: If you're a gamer, you may want to consider gaming accessories such as a gaming console, game controllers, and a gaming headset.

Cable Management: Depending on your setup, you might need cable management solutions like cable clips, cable sleeves, or cable raceways to keep your cables organized and tidy.

Cleaning Kit: To keep your TV screen and other surfaces clean, consider purchasing a TV screen cleaning kit that includes a microfiber cloth and a cleaning solution.

These are just some of the common accessories for TVs. The specific accessories you need may vary based on your preferences and the capabilities of your TV.

How does a TV antenna work?

A TV antenna, also known as a television aerial, is a device designed to receive broadcast signals and deliver them to a television receiver for viewing. It captures electromagnetic waves, which carry television signals, and converts them into electrical signals that can be processed by the TV.

Here's a simplified explanation of how a TV antenna works:

Signal Capture: TV antennas are typically designed with metal elements that act as conductors. These elements are arranged in a specific pattern to maximize signal capture. When electromagnetic waves, carrying television signals, pass through the elements of the antenna, they induce a tiny electrical current in the elements.

Signal Conversion: The induced electrical current generated by the antenna elements is sent down a cable (coaxial cable) connected to the TV. The cable carries the electrical signal to the TV receiver or a set-top box.

Signal Processing: The TV receiver or set-top box processes the electrical signal received from the antenna. It amplifies the weak signal to a usable level and demodulates it, separating the video and audio components of the signal.

Displaying the Signal: Once the TV receiver has processed the signal, it sends the video component to the TV's display screen and the audio component to the speakers. The TV then translates the electrical signals back into visual and audio information that you can see and hear.